Maintenance Free Hand Held Inkjet Printer
Maintenance Free Hand Held Inkjet Printer
Maintenance Free Hand Held Inkjet Printer
Maintenance Free Hand Held Inkjet Printer
Maintenance Free Hand Held Inkjet Printer
Maintenance Free Hand Held Inkjet Printer

Maintenance Free Hand Held Inkjet Printer

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Introducing our revolutionary Maintenance-Free Handheld Inkjet Printer – the ultimate solution for seamless and efficient marking on various surfaces without the hassle of constant upkeep. Designed with innovation in mind, this portable printer redefines convenience, making it a must-have tool for professionals and businesses.

  • Maintenance-Free Operation: Say goodbye to downtime and laborious maintenance routines. Our Handheld Inkjet Printer is engineered with cutting-edge technology to ensure consistent, reliable performance without the need for frequent maintenance. This means more time for productive tasks and less time worrying about printer upkeep.
  • Portable Precision: With its lightweight and ergonomic design, this handheld printer offers unparalleled portability without compromising on precision. Take your marking capabilities wherever you go, effortlessly handling a variety of surfaces including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and more. Whether in the office, warehouse, or on the go, this printer is your reliable companion.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a hassle-free user experience with an intuitive interface that allows for easy customization of text, date, time, and graphics. The user-friendly design ensures that you can start printing quickly, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life: Our Handheld Inkjet Printer is equipped with a powerful and long-lasting battery, ensuring uninterrupted printing for extended periods. No need to worry about running out of power during critical tasks – this printer is built to keep up with your demanding schedule.
  • Versatile Ink Options: Choose from a range of ink colors to suit your marking needs. The versatile ink options allow you to create clear, high-contrast prints that meet your specific requirements. Whether you're marking products for identification or labeling packages for shipping, our printer delivers exceptional results every time.
  • Durable Build: Crafted with durability in mind, this printer is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The robust construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable investment for your business.

Upgrade your marking and labeling processes with the Maintenance-Free Handheld Inkjet Printer – the epitome of efficiency and reliability. Streamline your operations and leave maintenance worries behind as you experience a new era in handheld printing technology.

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Product information :
Model: 12.7mm 25.4mm 50.8mm
Printing speed: 60m/ min
Print range: 2-10000(mm)
Print depth: 0.001(mm)
Print height: 12.7 25.4 50.8 100(mm)
Type: inkjet printer
Printing direction: bidirectional printing
Degree of automation: semi-automatic
Specification: style 1: 12.7mm handset+imported black ink, style 2: 12.7mm handset+imported high attached black ink, style 3: 25.4mm handset+imported black ink.

Size Information:
Overall dimensions: 100x120x200(mm)

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